Monday, January 23, 2012

Vesta Class Third Anniversary!

I wanted to type an entire essay, but lets cut that: Vesta class became 3 years old this month, time to celebrate: Wallpaper in 2560x1440 can be downloaded by clicking the image

  • The saucer of the Vesta is designed to be separable in case of an emergency
  • For the last 2 years the sensors have been covered by white or black gel pads that I replaced by transparent membranes this weekend.
  • This is the first image where the Vesta is firing weapons. Including the forward phaser cannons, in equal yield mode.
  • Back in November 2008 Andrew Probert came up with the flowing pylon idea, he made a quick swept forward concept  as well.
  • The 3DS Max file of the Vesta is around 1,5GB in size and takes up to 10gb of ram during renders.
  • A render of the Vesta takes 45 minutes in decent quality nowadays compared to 10 hours in 2009.
  • Since Friday evening I worked about 20 hours to create this image.
Looking forward to next week, will work on Voyager and on something that has to do with rapid prototyping.

Somewhere deep in my mind I'm thinking about a new Enterprise as well. Also I'm wondering what would happen if I would do my version of the TOS-E. Sadly my time is limited, and I need to pick my projects with care. Voyager first! :D

See it became somewhat of an essay anyway!


  1. Happy Anniversary to my favorite starship design since the Galaxy.

  2. Beeeeaaaautiful shot, Mark! And nice trivia ;-) And I hear you on time! LOL! You saw my city I think... it's still coming along slowly but it's not looking like this semester's gonna leave me any time to work on it, aaaaargh! All the best! -E

  3. Beautiful image, as always! Love the 2380-era starships, every one, and wish we were seeing these on film!

    One thought about the Enterprise: one reason I feel like STO's Enterprise-F design falls flat for me is that it feels like (and it is) a design oriented around "The USS Enterprise" - i.e. it was designed to be Starfleet's most famous ship. Now, granted, every iteration of the Enterprise from 1701 to E has been designed exactly that way, but in, I guess the way to put it is, in a less "self-conscious" manner. The Galaxy-class LOOKS like it was designed as an advance explorer, and the Enterprise-D just HAPPENED to be one of them. Same with the Sovereign class, or the Excelsior class.

    STO's F LOOKS like it was designed to be the Enterprise, and that's where it fails. Your ships always look like real classes, even if they are designed for specific ship needs, and that's why they rock!

    Hope that was clear!

  4. absolutely beautiful, amazing work there :)


  5. Great Pic Mark!!!!
    It would be nice to have a deck layout from a Vesta Class Starship!!

    Greetz from Germany - Regensburg,

  6. Seannewboy here,

    Holy Cow that is awesome, im in love.

  7. Thanks guys!!!
    I have to agree it might be somewhat over the top, but I wanted to have a wild shot with a lot of action going on. After all, for the last 3 years I only made peaceful shots of the Vesta. Really need to design a good spacedock sometime, so my ships, either under construction or completed can visit it, might look really cool with some workbees around it etc, also would give a good sense of scale! :)

    Ah well, perhaps I can make a dock in 1 day, modularity for the win. :)

  8. The phaser cannons are blue? Seems more like those should be torpedoes

  9. AnonymousJuly 02, 2012

    I have a group and today we decided our latest ship should be a Vespa class. I would be willing to pay someone who can do a render showing our ship's name and registry number. You may contact me at Thanks!

  10. Jeff 'LCDR' MillerMarch 04, 2013

    Happy Vesta Anniversary! It was a pleasure re-creating this awesome ship in STO!
    Looking forward to what you come up with in the future!

    1. Thanks Jeff! :)

      I hope it is a success for STO! :)
      Looking forward delivering more designs in the future.(Merian/Demeter/Spirit/Runabout?)

      However I'm locked down in my room for the next 4 days... need to get 1 important ship out there. Little time for many small details.

    2. made me sound/read like a robot. (Formatting is killing me sometimes)